Fall Lighting

Oregon is beautiful with all the fall colors, but most of all, the excellent sunset lighting in my kitchen is what makes this time of year lovely. Thanks, sun.



Turns out, hitting softballs at a batting cage is a good stress reliever. 

My buddy, totally killing it. 

A friend of mine and I decided to go to the local batting cages today – we recently joined a softball league in Portland and it officially begins next week so we needed some practice.  As two individuals who have little to no softball experience, we were very intimidated by going to the batting cages – turns out that hitting softballs at a batting cage is a good stress reliever and a solid place to have a good time.

Of course, I can only speak about my experience today at Batting a Thousand, but I now think that everyone should give this a shot.  There’s something that really wakes up inside of you after having balls fly 65mph in your general direction.

Bring it on, spring.  I’ve got a bat and a positive attitude!


Act of Kindness

Photo on 3-28-17 at 5.19 PM #3

I’m exhausted.  Since the election in November I have seen many changes in my work environment as well as my friend circle.  My community is worried, stressed out, worn out from doing their 9 to 5 jobs and then going straight to working towards social justice until late hours of the night.  There is so much work to be done every day in every community and how are we supposed to continue this important work when we are burnt out?

I know I am not alone when I say that I am tired of having this feeling that every day when I look at my phone there will be a new headline stating that a new program has been defunded, that another white supremacist is put in a high ranking position of government, that people will be loosing their healthcare, and that we are ignoring science and pretending that we aren’t destroying our environment.

Today I was feeling down and tired and sick of everything.  As I was lazing about my house in my grungy gym sweats, sweating out the pizza and whiskey I consumed last night, there was knock on my door.  My natural response to someone unexpectedly knocking on my door is to ignore it because I overthink interactions with strangers who could possibly be trying to sell me something.  Anyway, the knocking continued though and to my surprise when I opened the door there was a child standing on my porch.  This little dude was helping his neighbors tidy up their garden, and took some of the flowers to give out to the neighborhood.  It was gesture of kindness that warmed my heart and made me step back to think about how little kind acts can make a big difference in someone’s day.

This post may be a quickly written account of my current feelings and jumbled thoughts, but I hope to pass the act of kindness on to another tomorrow, and I hope that you all are taking care of yourself and treating yourselves with kindness.  It is easy to forget that even with our busy schedules and that in this political environment, we need to care for ourselves.  I know tonight I’ll be admiring my new flowers and having a mini face mask fiesta.

If you haven’t already, please contribute what you can to the ACLU  and other organizations that are focused on defending our rights.

Tinker Pot the man, the legend, the dog

Hi there!  This is me, Kayla, and my Tinker Pot.  I was lucky enough to meet him about four years ago and he’s been nothing but a great partner in crime since.  I am fortunate enough to have an amazing bunch of friends, too, but sadly two of my favorites have left me alone in Portland, OR to fend for myself.  One day I will have completed my task of convincing them to move back to me – Until then I have talked them into blogging with me about the things we find wonderful and important.  Tinker and I welcome you with open arms, and blog posts. Photo on 3-16-17 at 6.04 PM #3